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Wal-Mart Canada to get narrowcasting digital displays

Darren Murph

As Wal-Mart continues to inch ever closer to knowing our very thoughts as we peruse its aisles, the mega-corporation has announced plans to install narrowcasting digital displays in its Canadian locales. Reportedly, EK3 Technologies' subsidiary company ShopCast "has signed an exclusive agreement to install EK3 digital merchandising solutions in Wal-Mart Canada stores," which could mean that spots would air based on current buying trends or inventory levels. This dynamic approach to filling customers' heads with ideas of what to purchase will supposedly "enable [Wal-Mart] to strategically reach out to guests in-store to inform, entertain and help save them money." There's no word as to when this could hit US-based Wally Worlds, but it probably won't be long.

[Via InformationWeek, image courtesy of USA Today]

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