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Wii update adds expanded USB keyboard support


Nintendo already dipped its toes into USB keyboard support with a previous Wii update, but it now looks to have busted that functionality wide open with the just-released 3.1 system update, which also brings with it an enhanced "Everybody Votes" channel. Among the most welcome additions is keyboard support for the Internet Channel, which will no doubt make your couch-bound web browsing experience a fair bit more enjoyable. A separate update to the Opera-based Internet Channel is also available through the Wii Shop Channel, which includes some new shortcuts to ease your Wiimote-based surfing, along with nine additional favorites slots, an option to send favorite web sites to a friend, and a new "Widget View Mode" that'll let you take advantage of Opera's various community-built widgets. The update is free for existing users, or 500 Wii points for anyone that has yet to take the plunge. Still no word on that rumored Nintendo-made Wii keyboard though.

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