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Aussies to crack down on power hungry HDTVs

Ben Drawbaugh

Some HDTVs use more power than others, but they all have the ENERGY STAR sticker right? Unfortunately this sticker doesn't tell you much, and our friends down under intend to change that. They want to make sure consumers know how much power that HDTV they're buying will use. This makes perfect sense to us, we already have such ratings on many of our appliances, but what doesn't make sense is that they are also considering banning HDTVs that use what they consider too much power. The real problem is that they want to do this by 2011 and some of our favorite TVs will have a hard time shaving off the watts in time. As much as we love HD, we think this is a pretty good idea; educate the consumers, while at the same time pressure the manufacturers to develop more efficient products. Just so long as we can still buy our 60-inch plasmas TVs if we want to.

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