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EA owns Mass Effect ... so, what now?

Also discussed during EA's BioWare/Pandemic conference call was the fate of the (thus far) Xbox 360-exclusive Mass Effect. While Microsoft is still publishing the first installment of the game (which is due November 20) – now that the previously BioWare-owned IP belongs to EA – Gamasutra notes that it "would conceivably from here out be EA published."

If one examines EA's publishing practices, it isn't difficult to assume that this would also conceivably be a multi-platform title, meaning Microsoft may have just lost one of their biggest exclusives. Will we see a PS3 sequel at parity with the 360? Or perhaps a Wii version: Mass Wiifect ... over a dozen minigames ... in space!

Update: A Microsoft spokesperson tells Joystiq that while the publisher has not "announced specifics regarding sequels" to Mass Effect, it will be "talking to EA and BioWare in the weeks to come." In addition, Microsoft remains "committed to the franchise's long term success."

Update 2: BioWare tells GameDaily that the developer's "focus is pure and simple; it's to deliver the best game possible for our fans with Mass Effect, and that's an Xbox 360 exclusive." Currently, there are no plans to extend the franchise to PS3.

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