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PlayStation Eye to come solo for $40

Justin McElroy

Until recently, some of you probably thought you'd be avoiding the PlayStation Eye, packed in, as it was with Eye of Judgment. Listen, if your spirit (read: your dignity) won't let you play a game that practically necessitates shouting "It's not Pokemon!" to passersby, we totally get it. If we weren't required to (and if it wasn't so much fun) we wouldn't be doing it either. Also: What else are we going to do with all these robes?

Thankfully for the proud among you, the PlayStation blog has revealed that the cam will also be sold separately for $40 and will arrive alongside the Eye of Judgment pack on Oct. 23. But for just $30, can we recommend you go ahead and spring for the game? Two facts: 1. If EyeToy is any indication, there's probably going to be five games for the Eye, so you'll want to enjoy all of them. 2. Maybe you'll have a really dorky kid someday. Oh, and there's a third: Sometimes the house is empty and then its you time. If that involves cards and mythical adventure, who'll be the wiser?

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