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Raph Koster's Penny Arcade Construction MMO


I'm tempted to append "Electric Boogaloo" to the end of that title. Regardless, Wednesday's Penny Arcade featured a guest post by Raph Koster, wherein he talks about a challenge that Tycho set up for him to solve: Create a construction-based MMO.

So, Raph gets to it, and damned if it doesn't sound intriguing and layered! It's a massive doc, at least relatively massive, considering Tycho originally asked for a mere 500 words from Raph. I won't rehash the details here; suffice to say this ties into Raph's recent announcement of his Metaplace project, in which Joe Average can create the virtual space of his dreams. For those of you a-hankerin' to exercise your creativity, Raph has the design doc for you!

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