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The Boy Genius Report: Motorola RAZR 2 V8 confirmed for T-Mobile on October 15!

Chris Ziegler

Field tidbits from Engadget's mobile insider, The Boy Genius.

Can you feel the excitement? Following up on previous intel, we've now been able to confirm that T-Mobile will be launching its version of Moto's RAZR 2 -- the EDGE-only V8 -- on October 15. That's good news for customers of the network; yeah, it sucks that 3G goes to the wayside (not like you're getting it on T-Mobile anyway), but in exchange you get the Linux-based JUIX platform underhood in place of the V9's old-skool Synergy. The carrier's documentation indicates that it's positioning the V8 to sell to "young and aspirational, social" peeps between 18 and 30 who are "willing to pay a premium to get the latest and greatest." Just how much of a premium, you ask? Look for it to drop in most markets for $250 on a two-year contract after rebates, $400 contract-free.

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