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Ubisoft brushes SCi, Lara Croft aside

Jason Dobson

Look SCi, Ubisoft wanted me to tell you that they really just want to be friends. Sure, you both had some laughs, and there was a time when things might have even gotten serious, but Ubi has moved on, and really, you should too.

What's all this about? Well it turns out that despite last month being linked to possibly purchasing Edios and Lara Croft parent SCi, French-based developer/publisher Ubisoft has now lost interest in any potential deal, with a spokesperson telling Reuters that the company "has no intention of making an offer for SCI-Eidos." Ubisoft was one of a handful of firms that had been reportedly looking at SCi as a possible acquisition, with other companies including current SCi shareholder Time Warner, as well as Electronic Arts and an unspecified Chinese firm, so it will be interesting to see how all this shakes out as we wait to see just where Lara Croft will call home. Until then, keep your chin up Lara. As they say, there's other fish in the sea.

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