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How do you sync multiple Macs?


Merlin Mann at 43Folders wants to know how you keep your Macs in sync (other than dot Mac, of course. That's the obvious choice).

Are you using a custom-built solution, commercial products or a combination? I use this combination:

  1. iDisk for files. Any "reference" material I may want access to - documents for a project, receipts, confirmation emails, etc. - live on my iDisk. I've created a folder called "Reference," which in turn contains 26 sub-folders, labeled "A" through "Z" for simple alphabetical filing.
  2. Google Firefox browser sync handles my web bookmark synchronization. It's worked flawlessly since day one, which is a lot more than I can say for .Mac bookmark sync. All that's required is Firefox and a few minutes time for the initial upload to Google's servers.
  3. Highrise by 37signals manages my contact information, as well as conversations I want to save or that need follow-up. It's a terrific tool.
How about you? Share your answers with Merlin and your fellow TUAW readers. Because sharing is caring.

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