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Inspect changes in 2.3

Mike Schramm

A few players have noticed a really interesting change hidden way down in the patch 2.3 notes. Inspect has been updated-- the range on it has now been increased to 30 yards, which is fine, and when you inspect a player, you can now see their talent choices. Which is... whoa. So much for privacy-- now you don't even need to alt-tab out to check the Armory to see every talent choice every player has made.

I'm not exactly part of the tinfoil hat crowd-- I've already posted my spec here on the site for everyone to see anyway. But it does seem a little strange to allow every other player to see every talent choice in the realms. Whatever happened to the super special seekrit talent build, that perfect setup that only you have that gives you an advantage on the battlegrounds? The reason for having talents in the first place is to customize your character according to how you want to play it, and if everyone else automatically has access to your talents at just a glance, just how custom are you, really? If the "Inspect" function only showed your spec and numbers (not individual talents), that's a little better-- how's it working out there, PTR people?

Of course, the fact is that this will make everyone better, eventually-- everyone will have more access to the best talent builds, and they'll just have to take notes and respec as necessary. It also will mean an end, once and for all, to lying about specs (no more fibbing that I'm a DPS Shaman when I have my DPS gear on). Better take this time before 2.3 to make sure your specs are all lined up, because after 2.3, they'll be opened up for all the world to see.

Thanks, Prosper on Frostmourne!

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