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Sierra Online details upcoming PC, XBLA lineup

Jason Dobson

Vivendi Games' Sierra Online division has revealed a number of details concerning its lineup of XBLA and PC releases throughout the remainder of the year, including a number of previously announced titles as well as two new games, one where you get to shoot aliens (pictured) and another where with bunnies. Earlier this year following the appointment of XBLA's former portfolio lead Ross Erickson to Sierra Online we predicted that the company had big plans for the downloadable space, and given the breadth of today's announcements that assumption looks more correct than ever.

The two new titles announced today include a particularly interesting sounding "third person retro-arcade shooter" called Aces of the Galaxy, where players man the turret of an AI-driven spaceship to shoot down waves of bad guys, and the strangely titled Boogie Bunnies, where players will match up colorful rabbits in a "match-three puzzle game." Both of these will arrive for both the PC and XBLA this winter.

In addition, Sierra confirmed that Wanako Studios' top-down XBLA shooter Assault Heroes will make the move to retail shelves and unspecified digital download services for the PC for $19.99 on October 23. The earlier acquired Latin American studio is also developing the hack-and-slash dungeon crawler Arkadian Warriors (formerly called Artemis Warriors), which will launch this fall from Sierra for the PC and over XBLA, though we hope that this time they'll manage to get multiplayer working from day one.

Moving on, while fans of the sci-fi drama Battlestar Galactica continue to bite their nails in anticipation of the 2008 season premiere to discover just what in the heck is going on with Starbuck, Sierra has revealed a handful of details regarding the earlier announced game adaptation. The game will launch this fall for both the PC and XBLA, and include 10 different missions based on some of the series' more notable episodes, including 33, Scar, Resurrection Ship, and Exodus. As previously mentioned, Battlestar Galactica will allow players to play as either the humans or Cylons, and will support 16-player online gaming for the PC, and 8 over XBLA.

Lastly, November will finally see the XBLA release of Switchball, which is currently available for the PC is not unlike playing Marble Madness with a constantly changing ball. This fall will also see the release of the turn-based strategy game Commanders: Attack of the Genos, previously referred to simply as Commanders: Attack!, for the PC and XBLA. Sierra describes Commanders as having a "1930's art deco look and feel," which following the success of BioShock we anticipate will become a popular running theme among games announced in the months to come.

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