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Today's most random swag: Ratatouille thyme

Jason Dobson

Being writers in the game industry, we'll sometimes find ourselves on the business end of a number of interesting, many times unexpected freebies from PR companies. To take a page from Douglas Adams, most times these can be considered 'mostly harmless,' from gerbil food sent to promote Hamtaro to Psi-Ops' jelly brain in a dish.

That said, we've somehow managed to get ourselves onto what must be the most random PR list of all with publisher THQ, as the company just rushed delivered via UPS a large brown box containing not a game nor some widget promoting an upcoming release, but rather a bottle of thyme branded with the logo for Disney's Ratatouille, a game that was not only panned by critics, but also came out nearly four months ago, which for a licensed product makes it the retail equivalent of penny loafers or Rainbow Brite. Still, thyme does smell an awful lot like those pizza scratch n'sniff stickers we used to collect in grade school, so maybe THQ was going for a retro theme that was simply lost on us until just now.

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