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Bungie talks Halo 3 EXP boosting

Dustin Burg

Snuggled securely within' this week's Bungie Weekly Update is talk about Halo 3 rank, EXP and the bad guys who boost. Bungie's stance on the issue is that cheating to inflate ones rank (the number you see in a ranked playlist) is unacceptable no matter what, because that involves other players and matchmaking. But EXP boosting (your military rank) isn't all that monitored and can technically be inflated since it has no barring on matchmaking and is only representative of how much Halo 3 you play. Though, there is no guarantee that EXP boosters won't be publicly mocked. Just don't cheat, don't boost and play the game to have fun and you won't have Bungie's mighty Banhammer smacked upon your face. Playing fair kids, we all learned that in Kindergarten.

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