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Today's most horrific video: Final Fantasy Cosplay Lip-synching

Kevin Kelly

In honor of the upcoming Halloween Holiday, we bring something cringe-inducing and nausea-causing: namely, cosplayers singing. Well, at least one of them is singing. The other one is lip-synching, complete with backup dancers. The only thing she's missing is a wind machine to toss her hair about in a sultry and sexy manner while she goes through the motions.

Well, you at least have to applaud their enthusiasm, and their willingness to make complete fools of themselves on the international internets. Plus, Rude actually looks fairly slick in his outfit, even if his acting skills make Pauly Shore look like Jude Law. And Cloud's sword looks, well ... authentic. We're just sayin'.

Anyhow, check out the vid. We hope you were scared because there are more to come as we countdown to Halloween. Don't say you weren't warned.

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