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Verizon FIOS to add A&E HD on channel 842

Ben Drawbaugh

In yet another installment of "what took so long" Verizon FIOS is adding A&E HD in at least the Tampa market -- for now -- on channel 842. This is the first HD addition to the lineup in six months, at a time when most other providers are adding new HD channels in record numbers. We're still trying to get to the bottom as to why Verizon is sitting on the sidelines, and then when they finally do add a new channel, they add one with so little actual HD content. Until then, we'll wait for this channel to show as indicated on scrolling message on channel 49. We dont' know when they'll it for the rest of the country, but it's usually Verizon's practice to add channels near their super head ends, just before the national deployment.

Thanks Bryan!

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