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Theory: A quick fix for improving your framerates

Nick Doerr

So you say you've got plodding framerates in some of your PS3 games, huh? Member "iBrad" over at the European PlayStation Forums seems to have a fix that should jump your frames back to perfection and continue to impress your friends. The process to gain this extra power is as follows:
  1. "Like" set the BD/DVD upscaler off
  2. Set the HDMI 24fps off
  3. HDMI audio set should be put on bitstream
  4. Turn off that PS3 upscaler/smoother
  5. Disable: system display notify, media server, all other automatic settings ... if you're not playing a game online, go ahead and sign off the PSN.
While the post itself doesn't sound like the most intelligible programming genius around, the results speak for themselves. Another user, Mister_G, thinks the improved jump in framerate from disabling the above results from some of the functions (namely the XMB) using the PPE instead of an SPU for some reason. Try it out and let us know if the trick works for you!

[Via N4G]

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