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Blue Notes: Deathwish change justification, new repair bot info

Eliah Hecht

Many Fury warriors are wondering why their Deathwish skill is being moved to the Arms tree as of patch 2.3, trading places with Sweeping Strikes. In response, Bornakk had this to say:

Some warriors felt forced to pickup certain talents and this left them with few options. This change could allow people in these situations to have some extra options while the weapon expertise and threat reduction improvements to the deep end of the fury tree allow for more consistent sustained damage.

I'm not convinced. Basically, this reads like another case of forced diversification: Blizzard is taking certain cookie-cutter specs that were very good, and breaking them, thus, in theory, causing people to spec with more variety. What always happens in real life, though (and I've observed this several times over the time I've been playing WoW), is that people come up with new cookie cutter specs. It's inevitable, really: people want to know what the "best" spec is for their purpose, and eventually one will be agreed upon. Breaking cookie cutter builds just makes people come up with new cookie cutter builds.

Players are wondering what the point of the new repair bots is, given that the mats to make them are pretty steep and BC raids for the most part aren't long enough to need repair breaks like the old-world raids used to. One poster claims they are only there to make something engineers can auction off; in response, Eyonix said:

The Field Repair Bot's purpose is actually so that engineers can offer a means for their party or raid to repair if needed. Additionally, the new repair bot will sell poison and spell reagents, arrows, bullets, and a limited supply (1-2) super mana and healing potions.

So now we know what the bot will be selling, which is nice. One or two potions isn't going to go very far but, depending on how much the bot sells them for, will offer a way to recoup some of the mats cost (super mana potions go for 5G on my server).

In other news, Nethaera grew up in the suburbs of Pittsburgh, although she is now, of course, in the great state of California.

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