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HD DVD and Blu-ray releases on October 16th, 2007

Ben Drawbaugh

Another week for Blu-ray to creep up on HD DVD titles count lead, but the big news this week is Transformers. Not only is this one of the biggest titles to hit the HD movie world, but it's the first big Paramount exclusive since they decided to jump off the fence. You'd think the BDA would want to have a great title up against it, but they don't and instead have a few other so-so titles. Warner brings a couple horror titles to both formats this week as well, that we're sure someone is waiting to see. Looking forward, HD DVD looks to lose it's lead by the end of October, about the same time as Sony's big title Spiderman 3 is released. One thing is for sure, if HD DVD doesn't win the Nielsen numbers next week, we wonder if they ever will.

HD DVD 310 vs Blu-ray 304 *


*Blu-ray total does not reflects 32 Paramount titles that were previously available.

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