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Madden NFL '08 en Espanol que vienen este ao


First, our headline writer wants to apologize to any native Spanish speakers for the headline. That said, GameDaily BIZ reports that EA is going to release Madden NFL '08 en Espanol this holiday season, "a new version of the popular Madden 08 game for PlayStation 2 and Xbox 360 that's fully translated into Spanish." But it's not just a simple translation: They're replacing cover athlete Vince Young with Luis Castillo, defensive end for the San Diego Chargers and a native of the Dominican Republic; adding three exclusive music tracks from Spanish-language acts; and "Alvaro Martin, the first Spanish language announcer for ABC Sports' Monday Night Football, will voice the play-by-play broadcasts."

This isn't just EA looking to attract new players and boost its already healthy profit stream. The NFL has been reaching out to Spanish-speaking fans as well, dovetailing neatly with EA's latest Madden venture. If it proves successful, we imagine this won't be the last Spanish language sports release we see from the kids at EA.

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