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More bang for the buck on the TCG

Mike Schramm

We just received word from Upper Deck this afternoon that there's good news for TCG players. With the upcoming expansion March of the Legion booster packs (set to be released on November 21st), players will get not 15 cards in their booster packs, but a whopping 19-- for the exact same price, packs will have three extra common cards, and one extra uncommon cards in them.

And even people who don't regularly play the TCG might like this other change: Loot cards are getting a booster pack boost as well, as Upper Deck is going to be putting three brand new loot cards in the set, and releasing more cards randomly into the set as well. There's no word yet on exactly what the loot cards will be (although it'll be tough to beat that Spectral Tiger), but we're keeping our ears open so wide it hurts to figure out what they are for you.

The new set also has some cool stuff in terms of gameplay as well, if you're a TCG player (I like playing it, but none of my friends are quite as interested in the card game as I am). Aldor and Scryer sub-factions will make an appearance, as will new keywords (like "Ferocity" or "Protector"), and new demonic allies. And don't forget that the WoW TCG is rolling right along towards a World Championship, too-- nationals are wrapping up, and the event is set to go down the last weekend of November at the San Diego Convention Center.

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