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New recipes in Patch 2.3

Dan O'Halloran

We've already covered the new Engineering Flying Machines (and what it takes to get them!), but there are also many other new recipes introduced with Patch 2.3. Our very own Insider Trader gave us an overview of profession additions and changes, but I wanted to focus on some of the new recipes that will be available.

First, there is a new weapon enchant in town that drops from the bosses in Zul'aman: Executioner. It ignores 840 of your opponent's armor, which is an increase of 2-5% dps according to the commenters on WoW Head. The proc rate isn't clear yet. There are two movies of it on YouTube. This one showcases the glowy effect and this one shows the weapon in action. It's a 375 enchant and takes 6 Void Crystals, 10 Large Prismatic Shards, 6 Greater Planar Essences, 30 Arcane Dusts and 3 Elixirs of Major Strength.

New Jewelcrafting , Engineering and Cooking recipes after the jump!

Next up is the Chaotic Skyfire Diamond, a meta head slot gem that grants +12 Spell Critical and +3% Increased Critical Damage. This was promised after the Patch 2.2 nerfed the Relentless Earthstone Diamond to no longer affect spells. The requirements appear to be 2 blue gems. The recipe requires 365 JC and is dropped by Coilskar Sirens in Shadowmoon Valley. Some casters may not be happy with the gem requirements, but desto locks and some mages may consider it worth the trouble.

The Field Repair Bot 110G is exactly as it sounds: 110 gold worth of mats (48 Fel Iron Ore, 16 Adamantite Ore, 6 Khorium Ore, 6 Primal Earth & 1 Primal Fire) for a field repair bot that stocks an assortment of poison vials, spell reagents, bullets and arrows, etc. Hard to justify spending the cash to make this over the current field repair bot. But if this is your thing, start with the Gan'arg Analyzers in Blade's Edge for the recipe drop.

Finally, the new Cooking recipes:

The first two are rewarded by The Rokk in the Lower City for completion of the new Daily Cooking Quests. It's a good bet the other 3 are as well.

Head over to the PTR if you want an early look at these.

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