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PS3 ways to appreciate the environment: Afrika, Aquavita, Planet Earth


The incredible power of PS3 can be used to bring some of Earth's most beautiful environments and creatures to your home. For example, the mysterious upcoming title Afrika looks to be quite the visual feast (HD trailer, after the cut). We don't know much about the game, or how it plays. However, we know the game will help us learn more about this unique environment. With it, we may be able to understand even more why so many people are working to try and save this ecosystem, and the animals in it.

We know almost nothing about the upcoming Aquavita as well -- but we do know this much: it's going to be an Eye-enabled title. With the camera, the PS3 can become a virtual aquarium. Once again, it looks stunning, almost real. But it's not meant to be a replacement for the real thing. Once again, this environment faces real threats on a daily basis, and it's up to activist organizations to help protect the various aquatic ecosystems.

As beautiful as both Afrika and Aquavita are shaping up to be, let's hope it serves as a reminder as to how precious our Earth is. A simple screening of Planet Earth on Blu-ray will turn anyone into an environmentalist. Yeah, the Earth looks great in 1080p -- but imagine how good it looks in real life. PS3 owners have tons of ways of appreciating the environment -- but will they take action to help protect it?



Visit Gametrailers to download this video in HD.

PS3 Fanboy is a proud participant of Blog Action Day. Today, we're joining the thousands of blogs around the world to speak about one issue that's important to us all - the environment. To read up on other things you can do, check out our friends at GreenDaily.

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