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Rise of Kunark preorders going down now

Mike Schramm

Average Joe notices that EverQuest II's next expansion, Rise of Kunark, is now available for preorder at a Gamestop website near you. If you just can't wait to guarantee your copy, Gamestop is happy to take your money right now.

Plus, their page has some tidbits about what you'll get if you do preorder. Not only do you get to pick up the Burynai Seeker House Pet, but you also can take a poster, and a starter deck and digital booster for Legends of Norrath, that digital card game that all the kids are talking about lately. Joe also notes that Allakazham has snuck onto Gamestop's offer, but apparently that's old news-- Alla has been hawking their wares with MMOs for a while now.

As far as I can tell, this is just the preorder stuff-- still no word on if SOE will offer a collector's edition of the expansion, or what goodies will be in that one. Are you excited enough about the new expansion to guarantee your copy right now?

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