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This Wednesday: E4, Speedball II, and discounted Lumines

Joining the already announced Speedball 2: Brutal Deluxe this Wednesday on Xbox Live Arcade is the announced-in-March XBLA rendition of Q Entertainment's Every Extend Extra dubbed, helpfully, Every Extend Extra Extreme. Both titles will be available for 800 Microsoft Points ($10).

Also joining the two full games is some news on older Xbox Live Arcade titles. First, Band of Bugs has a new expansion pack out titled "Ninja Sticks of Fury" which, we presume, will be the same 250 points ($3.12) as their previous expansions.

And finally, Lumines Live! will get two "skins" free for all XBL Gold members through November 14th. Don't like free? They've also got a "Rockin' Holiday Pack" available for 400 MS Points. If you're thinking, "Hey, that's great Joystiq but I was turned off by the game's initial pricing" we're pleased to relay the news that, as of Wednesday morning at 9am GMT, Lumines Live! will be permanently discounted to 800 MS Points. How about now?

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