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Wii Intercooler blows hot air

Eager to recreate the success of their Xbox 360 Intercooler – and complement their similarly useless PlayStation 3 Intercooler – Nyko has created the Intercooler for Wii. Y'know, to keep that space heater cool?

We kid because we care. Here at Joystiq HQ we've actually entertained dozens of letters from worried Wii owners asking us – undisputed experts in consumer electronic thermodynamics – whether or not they should store their Wii in a small, unventilated space right above an old, and terribly efficient, steam radiator. Also, they live in a tropical region. Oh, and there's a hairdryer blowing on it at all times. We don't understand that part either.

Now, instead of cautioning against such an impractical setup, we can recommend it ... with gusto! The Intercooler for Wii (which clips easily onto the back by the way) keeps that Wii cool without trading in the console's sleek looks (see, it's white). And, at $15 (that's 1500 Wii points), this Intercooler matches the budget conscious appeal of its console.

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