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Wright rocks the Enterprise in Spore video

Justin McElroy

We don't know if we're alone in this, but Spore videos have ceased to be game previews to us. They're more like transmissions from some sort of alternate dimension where the word "game" has taken on a whole other meaning. It's a world where arguments of a game's superiority are less about polygon counts than how many millions of different species are available at retail. Rather than debate weapon strength, they debate the aesthetic values of entire species.

Unfortunately, it also seems to be a world where development cycles aren't spoken of in terms of months but rather in decades. This new video, which shows Will Wright creating a non-flying bird and zipping around in what appears to be the U.S.S. Enterprise, certainly doesn't help make waiting any easier. Luckily, if human evolution has taught us anything, it's that we're good at waiting.

[Via GameStooge]

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