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Lakeside (UK) Retail Store opens this Saturday

Nik Fletcher

Rejoice, UK Apple fans, for England's green and pleasant land is about to be graced with another Apple retail store, just in time for Leopard's release next week (and the iPhone launch early next month). This Saturday morning, the UK's twelfth retail store is opening its doors at the Lakeside mall in Essex. All the usual paraphernalia of a store opening is scheduled from 9am on the 20th, with 1,000 commemorative t-shirts up for grabs, and the "Digital Lifestyle Collection that includes a 13-inch black MacBook and a silver 4GB iPod nano" offered as a raffle prize.

As ever, if there's any TUAW operatives visiting Lakeside this weekend, do send us stories and photos - and let's hope you score a t-shirt!

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