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Bored? Watch people play Halo 3 at

Dustin Burg

Sometimes we're away from our Xbox 360s (scary thought, no?) and, as a result, we get a bad case of Halo 3 withdrawal. Seriously, you don't want to be in our company when we haven't been able to play Halo 3 for more than 48 hours. Violence and random obscenities is the end result. But the second best thing to actually playing the game is watching it online and, with the help of, that's exactly what we do curb our Halo 3 appetite.

Over at the Halo 3 page you can watch three college roommates take turns playing Halo 3 "12/7". Using the power of a webcam that's pointed directly at their rather large HD screen, you can waste seconds, minutes or hours of your life watching them spew ammo from their BR or drive a Warthog in circles. They are only online "12/7", so there is some downtime, but be rest assured that the three roommates will put in their 12 gaming hours a day for you in your time of need. That's what gaming is all about, sharing the experience.

[Thanks, erica campbell]

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