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Jaffe pops the top on Eat Sleep Play's Logo

Kyle Orland

Ever since David Jaffe announced he was striking off on his own with new development house Eat Sleep Play, there's one particular bit of information gamers everywhere have been clamoring for. No, not the company's first original title -- what gamers really want to see is the logo.

Well, the day has finally arrived. At long last fans, well-wishers and hangers-on can check out the above logo, courtesy of Newsweek. Jaffe says the soda-bottle-cap logo represents "the heart and soul of what our company is all about ... fizzy, refreshing fun." Frankly, it makes us think of Popcap Games more than anything like that.

Along with the exclusive logo reveal, Newsweek has also posted up the first two parts of a three-part interview with Jaffe wherein he talks up the financial possibilities of smaller games and bravely reveals that he doesn't know what the word "remuneration" means. Careful David... those internet trolls are real sticklers for vocabulary.

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