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Meowth is pretty much the best Pokemon ever

Eric Caoili

With this morning's Smash Dojo announcement, we thought that today was as good a time as any to remind you about why Meowth is the awesomest Pokemon of all time (the anime character, not the species). Of the hundreds of reasons we could bring up to support this argument, we've picked out five for you to chew on:

  1. Meowth is one of the VERY few Pokemon who can converse with humans. Respect.
  2. Meowth actually taught himself to speak and walk upright, all so he could win the heart of a female who rejected him. He eventually got over her trifling ways and pursued other flames.
  3. Even though he grew up in Hollywood, Meowth has a Brooklyn accent. That's just how he rolls.
  4. Like Pikachu, Meowth doesn't bother with that Poke Ball mess. He has more dignity than that.
  5. Because of Meowth's intense determination to mimic human traits, he never learned a lot of battle moves, including his species' signature attack, Pay Day. Despite that, he still rocked Brock's Onix, acting as both trainer and Pokemon, throwing buckets of water on the boulder-ish creature.
  6. BONUS: Meowth cranks dat Soulja Boy.
To further prove our point, we've embedded past the post break two clips from "Go West, Young Meowth," quite possibly the finest Pokemon episode in existence. There might be superior episodes that don't currently exist in our present dimension or timeline, but we haven't seen them yet.

Meowth realizes his calling:

Meowth learns to talk:

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