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Motorola Z10 spotted in the wild


We'd already heard that Motorola's Z8 successor, the Z10, would be landing in October (or sometime in Q4), and it now looks to have indeed made it out into the wild, as evidenced by the above shot courtesy of the TamsS60 blog. In case you missed it, this one runs on Symbian 9.02 with the UIQ 3.2 interface, and packs a 3.2 megapixel camera, quad-band GSM / EDGE and HSDPA connectivity, 90MB of internal storage, and a microSD slot for expansion, among other features. According to TamsS60, it also boasts a so-called "video slideshow" mode that'll let you piece together a presentation consisting of text, images and video on the fly. Hit up the read link below for a couple of even blurrier shots.

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