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Periscope 1.5

Scott McNulty

The good folks at Freeverse dropped us a line informing of an update to their webcam app, Periscope. We first looked at this app awhile ago, and the UI has been completely overhauled (for the better in my opinion). If you aren't familiar with this app it is a simple idea: harness the power of your Mac's webcam (either an iSight or an external cam) to do more than just Photobooth.

Periscope lets you set your Mac to take a picture when it hears a noise, when it detects motion in user-defined zones, at a specific time, or when you push a button. The resultant pictures can be automatically uploaded to Flickr or .Mac, they can be saved into a movie to make a simple time lapse, emailed, or FTPed to a location of your choice. But wait, there's more! The images can also be timestamped, overlayed, or have text labels applied to them automatically.

What would you expect to pay for such a powerful application? If you said $39.95 you'd be right (and get out of my head!). There is a fully functional demo that lets you use Periscope for 50 hours, so you really don't have a reason not to try this sweet little app out, now do you?

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