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Play Team Fortress 2 with Valve this Friday

Justin McElroy

We've been unapologetic about our love for The Orange Box, so we have to admit to being a little conflicted about an event this Friday that will allow you to play some Team Fortress 2 against the Valve team on Xbox Live. Sure, it would be neat to have a chat with them, but when we're staring down the barrel of a chain gun at someone who's brought us so much joy, we're not convinced we'll be able to pull the trigger.

The event kicks off on Friday at 6 p.m. EDT, and we've provided a full list of gamer tags after the break if you want to take part. Just do us a favor, OK? If you see someone firing a gun into the air and screaming Point Break-style, just go ahead and ignore us, alright? We'll pull through.

  • gamewithdev1 (Matt W.- Level Designer)
  • ValveArtist1 (Matthew S. - Artist)
  • ValveAnim (Matthew R. - Animator)
  • ValveProg1 (Vitaliy - Programmer)
  • ValveProg2 (Adrian - Programmer)
  • ValveProg3 (Kerry - Programmer)
  • ValveProg4 (Robin - Programmer)
  • ValveProg5 (Jim - Programmer)
  • ValveLevelDes2 (Dave - Level Designer)
  • ValveArtist2 (Nick - Artist)
  • ValveLevelDes3 (Scott - Level Designer)
  • ValveProg6 (David - Programmer)
  • ValveWriter (Chet - Writer)

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