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Sony intros the HDMS-S1D digital photo album


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Have you been hankering for a central spot to store your thrilling, heart-warming family photos? Some easy-to-reach locale where you can pick up a remote, flip on the tube, and travel through a mind-blowing tunnel of memories? Well, let us introduce you to Sony's latest and greatest, the HDMS-S1D "Digital Photo Album." Coming off as a glorified DVD player with an 80GB hard drive and HDMI outs, the new device lets you store and view your precious memories, replete with a soundtrack of your choosing, and slow, dreamy fades between photos (thanks to Sony's x-Pict Story HD -- with face recognition!). How much would you expect to pay for such a device? How does about $400 sound? No good? well, you can't put a price on memories... can you? The whole kit and caboodle is available this month for your purchasing pleasure.

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