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Guitar Hero III demo: Download. Burn. Insert. Play.

Dustin Burg

Tony Hawk's Proving Ground released to retail this week and, as promised, it features an exclusive Guitar Hero III demo inside. But now we're hearing about a new, hacker'ish way to gain access to the precious GHIII demo without shelling out the cash for Tony Hawk ... simply burn it to a CD.

Over on the Xbox Live the Guide forums, posters are reporting that the GHIII demo has been leaked online and can be downloaded off a popular fileshare website, be burnt to a CD or DVD and played on any Xbox 360. We've already heard of people being successful in their GHIII demo stealing ventures, but others are reporting problems with their 360s reading the burnt media. From what we know, those who are claiming burnt GHIII demo success have downloaded the demo's ISO file, burned it to a CD or DVD, and tada! Instant GHIII demo launched through the Xbox 360 games blade. We guess if there's a will, l33t Guitar Hero fanboys and the internet, then there will always be a way.

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