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    HP's Pavilion Elite m9000t desktop gets reviewed

    Darren Murph

    Earlier this month, we noticed that fence-sitters in the drawn out format war could play both sides by picking up the towering m9000t with an HD DVD / Blu-ray combo drive built right in. For those still wondering if it's worth the coin, ComputerShopper managed to sit it down and answer that very inquiry. For starters, the hardware in this "entertainment PC" was said to be mighty robust, and all around performance seemed to exceed expectations. There were no complaints when watching high-definition films, and while this thing wasn't exactly built for gamers, it managed to pass a Company of Heroes test with flying colors. The only notable dig on this otherwise solid machine was the unfortunate lack of "couch-friendly peripherals," but for under $1,500, the Pavilion Elite m9000t was still deemed "an excellent choice."

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