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Kutaragi claims honor from ESA at "Nite to Unite"

Nick Doerr

While Ken Kutaragi is no longer involved directly with Sony, he's still an important figurehead and often turned to for advice from other Sony executives. At the "Nite to Unite for Kids" event, the ESA honored Ken Kutaragi. This event is basically the biggest fundraiser for the gaming industry, benefitting children's charities across the globe.

The president of the ESA issued these statements regarding our beloved Krazy Ken: "Ken's contributions to our community and the entertainment lives of ordinary consumers are extraordinary ... His insight and vision revolutionized in-home entertainment, enabling advancements in creativity, technology, and innovation." We can't really deny that, we guess. He helped to rocket the Sony platform to the top of the mountain over the last ten years, so he definitely deserves a bit of honor.

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