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Wii Sports still fun even with Wiimote jackets


NEWS FLASH: Nintendo's hit minigame collection Wii Sports can still be played, even after the addition of a squishy silicone sleeve to the Wii Remote. That's the message that Nintendo hopes to get out with these new videos, which depict normal, everyday families and friends enjoying Wii Sports. The three videos (the top three on the list, with the "new" labels) are all captioned with "Played using the Wii Remote jacket."

We know we were worried that making the Wiimote more comfortable to hold would ruin our baseball swing, but this is apparently not the case! We're happy to spread the cheerful news that the remote jacket in no way seems to hamper the ability of these Wii fans to bowl, box, or be shrill.

[Via NeoGAF]

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