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Battlestar Galactica next week on XBLA


Alright, we should start by saying that we know nothing about Battlestar Galactica. So, don't expect any pithy in-jokes in this post. At least, don't expect any about Battlestar Galactica. So, let's just get to the meat then: Battlestar Galactica is making its way to Xbox Live Arcade next Wednesday. The game will feature 10 single-player missions as well as a multiplayer component that supports up to 8 players on Xbox Live. The single-player campaign features battles taken from the show, while the multiplayer allows players to dog it out as one of 8 different Human or Cylon ships (4 of each). Battlestar Galactica will be available for 800 MS Points.

Finally, they'll have something new to talk about on Battlestar Galactica Forum.

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