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Beautiful Katamari DLC is available, already? [update]

Dustin Burg

Update: Per the ever so observant commenters below, the new DLC is only available to Asia and Japan regions, so we guess this isn't all that important. But we're still angry about the cost ... okay?

Just released some twenty-four hours ago is four brand new Beautiful Katamari downloads for you to experience and enjoy. And with any game that releases purchasable DLC to the Marketplace the same week the retail game launches, we end up feeling a bit cheated and annoyed. Because logic only tells us that the content should have been put on the retail disc, but instead the publishers wanted to make extra cash via the Marketplace. Grrr to you greedy companies, grrr to you! Ayway, we digress. The four downloadable missions include "Milky Way Constellations", "The Weaver Girl", "Shopping Spree" and "High-calorie Katamari" with each one costing 200 Microsoft points. Enjoy your new Beautiful Katamari DLC ... even if it should have been included in the game.

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