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DirecTV sues Cox over claims of cable HD superiority

Steven Kim

DirecTV has filed a false advertising suit against Cox Communications over claims made on the Cox website. It all goes back to a Comcast-commissioned market survey (also under suit) which concluded that two thirds of satellite customers preferred the HD image quality of Comcast over DirecTV and Dish Network. Cox ran with the story, and put the results under the headline "Cable Wins the HD Picture Challenge" on the company's website. We agree with DirecTV -- that's a huge logical misstep. DirecTV sums it up nicely in their complaint: "...the picture quality afforded by Comcast's HD service cannot be deemed equivalent to that of Cox's HD service." Check out the link for more "he said, she said" action. We understand that DirecTV has to defend itself, and that lawsuits are part of big business, but we also think continuing to pump out more HD channels will have a far larger impact in the marketplace.

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