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EA exec wants a single gaming platform

Justin McElroy

Here's a surprise: Life would be a lot easier for EA if they didn't have to port all of their games to so many different platforms. In fact, they'd be happier with just one. Gerhard Florin, EA's head of international publishing, told the BBC, "We want an open, standard platform which is much easier than having five which are not compatible." Well, count this as one of the many times when we're happy we're living in reality, rather than an alternate, EA-crafted dimension. We probably don't have anything to worry about though, Florin says he thinks dedicated consoles could be around for "up to 15 years."

The way we see it, everyone is better off having consoles competing, pushing each other to do better. But out of curiosity, do any of you feel differently? Would you rather have just one box that handled all of your gaming needs?

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