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Game with the power of your mind

Amanda Rivera

I have been waiting since I was a little girl for the day to come when science fiction would no longer be fiction. Sure we carry around computers the size of a phone, but where's the really juicy stuff? Evidently at Keio University. I know, I didn't think to check there either.

If anyone is unfamiliar with the concept of biofeedback, then you need to watch more movies on the Sci-fi Channel. In 2005 a biofeedback project was started in Second Life, where heart rate, blood pressure and other vital signs were measured and used within the game. Keio University's Biomedical Engineering Laboratory seems to have gone a step further. They say that a player wearing a special headpiece can think about moving their avatar, and the avatar actually moves. That's right my friends. No more clumsy mousing or fatfingering your keyboard. We can now game with our minds. Your brain can now be counted as a peripheral. The future is now, oh yes, the future is now.

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