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Hi-speed Master Chief storage now available

Dustin Burg

Late last month the USB thumb drive creators over at mimobots announced plans to release officially licensed Halo 3 Master Chief themed thumb drives to the masses. And good news, yesterday these cute little Master Chief storage devices became available for purchase online.

We're sure you want specifics, so let's get to business. The Halo 3 mimobots are available in green, red or blue (Spartan approved) colors in 1GB ($49), 2GB ($69) and 4GB ($109) flavors. They are standard thumb drives that use USB 2.0 technology and will work on your PC or Mac. The drives also come pre-loaded with exclusive Halo 3 content including things like wallpapers, screensavers, sound clips, videos and other Halo related goodies. Give in to your urges already and make a thumb drive purchase today. The image of seeing Master Chief's head plugged into our laptop sold us.

[Via Gaming Talk HQ]

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