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iPhone programming 101: full header documentation released

With a few months yet to go before the official, blessed, sanctified Apple SDK for iPhone makes an appearance, all TUAW readers know there's already a thriving community of iPhone developers coding away with glee and gusto. Getting into iPhone programming has been complicated, though, not only by the lack of a vendor-sanctioned toolchain, but also by the limited and scattered documentation of the headers for the iPhone's version of OS X, crucial information for anyone trying to write code for the device. If only someone would work up some header docs!

It's not entirely clear how she found the time or energy to accomplish the feat, but our own Erica Sadun has posted a complete set of iPhone header documentation, running down every Objective-C class and file to give present and future iPhone/iPod touch developers the tools they need now, and a killer head start on the February release of Apple's SDK. If you've got a hankering to write the first great iPhone app, go check it out.

Update: just let us know they're about to upgrade their docs to 1.1.1 soon.

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