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Phat Loot Phriday: Talisman of Binding Shard

Mike Schramm

As per your requests, last week we went a little "husky" and had an item that everyone could get. This week, we go Orca Phat, and show you an item no one can get-- anymore. The only legendary amulet in the game really is legendary nowadays, in that no one's seen it in a long time.

Name: Talisman of Binding Shard
Type: Legendary Necklace
Armor: N/A
  • +13 Strength, +5 Agility, +8 Stamina
  • +24 Fire and +24 Nature Resistance, which in the old days of raiding, was a huge deal for tanks in MC and AQ.
  • Equip: When struck in combat, inflicts 4 Nature damage to the attacker. That's not much, but it was a nice little bonus back at level 60 (which is when this Talisman dropped) in terms of damage and threat for tanks who are getting attacked all the time. Also, the effect puts the lightning shield graphic on your character, which is fun.
  • All in all, a nifty neckpiece for tanks at level 60. At least it was, before it got pulled from the game! *insert scary musical sting here*
How to Get It: The year was 2005, and Molten Core, the 40 man raid, was big stuff. Not only did Tier 1 gear drop there, but Tier 2 gear did as well, and all the bosses had almost completely different loot tables than they do now. In Patch 1.4, Blizzard decided to even this all out, buff a lot of the gear down in the raid, and have only Tier 1 gear drop in MC (most of it anyway-- I think Rag may have still dropped Tier 2 gear).

Anyway, none of that matters anymore, right? So while they were tweaking around the loot tables, one of the devs accidentally put this legendary necklace in Baron Geddon's table. It wasn't, we're told, even intended to go live, but since so much work was being done on the MC loot, it accidentally went out there anyway. And of course, it dropped.

Noktyn, an Undead Warrior from Nurfed (yes, of the UI) got the drop, and you can see a screenshot of the raid above. As soon as it dropped, the GMs realized something had been given out that shouldn't have, and took it off the loot tables. But they let Noktyn keep the necklace. Unfortunately, I can't seem to find him on the Armory (there are no 60+ Undead Warriors-- Nurfed is a US guild, right?), but even if he was still playing, odds are he would have taken it off long before now, as it's not really Legendary grade any more. And of course, no one else can ever get the item, because it's never been seen on the loot tables since.

But it is cool to think that the Orange necklace is still out there somewhere, waiting to fall into the lap of some boss we may someday face. Of course, if it ever does show up again, Blizzard will have to rename it. "Noktyn's Talisman" has a nice ring to it.

Getting Rid of It: You can't. because you don't have it. But if you did, a vendor would give you 3g 36s 25c for it. And while it probably disenchants into a Nexus Crystal, we just don't know for sure. Because no one's ever disenchanted it, you'll never know-- maybe it disenchants into a beautifully tasty piece of Key Lime Pie.

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