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Rok It Science intros improved Boom 2 Borda electric skateboard


While Rok It Science's original Boom Borda electric skateboard somehow slipped under our radar, the company follow-up Boom 2 Borda board has thankfully been brought to our attention, courtesy of the folks at T3. Among the improvements this time around is a new 600 watt motor and a beefier 36 volt battery, which ups the boards range to a full 30 miles on a single charge, not to mention a new interchangeable drive wheel that'll let you take the thing off-road (somewhat). The one thing not getting an upgrade, it seems, is the top speed, which stays at 25 mph, although that may well be for the best. If that's enough to tide you over until the hoverboards come along, you can order one now £449, or just over $900.

[Via T3]

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