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Breakfast Topic: Is WoW the new Cheers?

Amanda Rivera

NPR has touched on World of Warcraft before, but with less than pleasant things to say about the game. This time the game was featured the report was given in a better light, largely in part because of the fact that the reporter interviewed her own guild. That's right, she's a player, and so provides an overview of the game from the perspective of someone that knows it intimately.

Celeste Headlee, or as I prefer to call her Rosetta of the guild Vengeance, talks about the social aspects of the game. Rosetta interviews members of her own guild, and includes chat sessions in her piece from a particularly bad Prince Malchezaar fight (and might I say the in-game voice chat she uses sounds a lot clearer than when I tried it.) She says that WoW is the modern-day Cheers, a meeting place where players gather mostly to socialize. This game may even be a model for a future virtual workplace, where people log in to meet about their projects using an avatar in a game like WoW instead of a video conference call.

While I think the idea of the modern Cheers is a bit silly, I do have to agree that I log in to spend time with my friends. No matter where I move to or what job I happen to get, those friends I have met in WoW will be there for me whenever I need them, and vice versa. It is the social aspect of an MMO that makes it so enjoyable, and I have made more friends in WoW than I have in any other online game.

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