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Where Vanguard's Vision is headed

Matt Warner

There's that infamous word again. Thinking about all the different "Visions" for Vanguard: Saga of Heroes cleaves my skull with a splitting headache. Thankfully, Thom Terrazas, recent inductee to the Vanguard helm, lays out some specifics on what the newly cut chopped, diced and spliced Vanguard development team has in store for the different phases in Update 3. Some highlights with my commentary include:

Update 3 Phases

  • Phase 1 had its up and downs: Performance gains are noticeable in many different game areas. Chat server hiccups fix took awhile, water wasn't working. It happens. Not enough polish and that's something the team will work on. (Dev_01 "It's not shiny enough, shine harder!" "Dev_02 "Man, that's the third lens flare I used on that tree!")
  • Phase II what's coming: Overland raid encounters and Khal optimizations. Lots of new art is getting added to make it easy-on-the-eyes and help to keep your computer from melting.
  • Phase III is in the not so distant future: Ancient Port Warehouse is being combed over, battered, and prodded to iron out all the bugs and to make it suitable for playing. Expect this to go live one or two weeks after Phase II.
Check your local patch listing for Revenge of the Vanguard Phases show times. Fine, I'm putting the popcorn away. Vanguard isn't dead, it's there, it's alive, it's still being updated and played. This is great news considering the troubling layoffs (a rumored 18 devs) it remains to be seen if they can get the rest of these updates out so soon but at least the man in charge is communicating with the players, and that's always a good thing. Phase II is planned to go live in less than two weeks.

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