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18,000 attend E for All; but first, a little panic


Imagine our absolute panic and horror this morning when we checked the news wires to discover that E3 -- yes, the E3 -- was going on this week! No flights scheduled, no hotels booked and we didn't even send Ludwig to the doctor for his dry-wit injection this week -- wait, we didn't even get our invitations to the event! Thankfully, after reading through the first couple paragraphs we discovered that there was just some horrible computer error and there actually is no E3 this week ... we think. They could be hiding it.

In related news, IDG World Expo, the organizers of the E for All event, say that 18,000 attended the inaugural show. Maybe they'll be able to up those numbers by getting Sony and Microsoft to attend when they hold E for All again (yup, it's already planned) much earlier next year at the LA Convention Center from Aug. 28 -30. Anybody who actually attended the event want to chime in on how it went?

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